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          Solo Piano - Eugene Portman - classical or jazz (please state your requirements in the box below)

              Jazz Duo - Sheila Daniels on Vocals with Jazz Pianist

              Jazz Trio - Vocals, Piano and Drums

              Jazz Trio - Vocals, Piano and Bass

              Jazz Trio - Vocals, Piano and Saxophone

              Jazz Quartet - Vocals, Piano, Bass and Drums

              Jazz Quintet - Vocals, Piano, Bass, Drums and Saxophone


Alternatively, if you are unsure which line-up would be suitable, you can use the space below to let us know your budget and what kind of atmosphere you'd like to create e.g. a combination of mellow and up-tempo numbers in the background or something very lively and up front to get people on their feet! We will try to recommend a line-up which suits both budget and requirements.



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